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Get exclusive offers from specialist suppliers to the TRiBES you belong to.

Store deals

Get as carefully selected deals from the stores where you normally shop.

Mahala Money negotiates exclusive deals from leading retail stores, for members. We do our best to figure out who would be interested and send these only to carefully selected members. We don't believe in mass-marketing, spamming or any of the irritating and time consuming ways that dumb and unscruplous marketers sometimes do. Yes, we hate them too! Our goal is to present only deals that have high relevance and meaning to you, as an individual. You can also you can opt out whenever you want.

Mahala Money App

Use your Mahala Money to pay for stuff right from your app.

It’s super secure, incredibly easy and you can even convert your Mahala Money to things like pre-paid electricity or airtime. You can even send it straight back into your credit card.